Talbot-Lago T26 grand Sport 1948 Saoutchik by Ilario

Talbot-Lago 1948 T26 Grand Sport Cabriolet Saoutchik by Ilario in 1:43 scale

This specific Talbot-Lago (serial number: 110110) is the most massively scalloped and ornamented post-war body ever to emerge from the legendary coachbuilder Saoutchik.  The swooping and sweeping lines are almost voluptuous.

The cascading design was topped off with a pastel blue paint scheme, incorporating a broad cream-colored accent running down the side of the front fender and along the sill to the beginning of the rear fender, which repeats the theme. Combined with the massive chrome scallops, the tri-tone effect is thrilling to behold.



It was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in late 1949 and was acquired later that year by New York furrier Louis Ritter. He had traveled to Paris to attend the 1949 Salon, as well as to monitor the construction of a Saoutchik-bodied Cadillac he had commissioned. It was there that he saw chassis number 110110, immediately fell in love, and bought the car.

Ritter played with his new toys in Beverly Hills for a month or so before giving it back to the dealer to sell, clearing his garage for Saoutchik’s next efforts.

Over the last two years, more than 10,000 hours were spent recreating this masterpiece of the French coachbuilder’s art on its original chassis.


The precision cast Ilario model is a limited edition of 110 pieces.

To get a thorough report on this famous chassis, including its surprising fate after leaving its initial owners, click on CLASSIC DRIVER.

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