American Graffiti The Pharoahs Todd Howe

SIZE: 18.5 in x 27.5 in

From the 1973 George Lucas cult hit *American Graffiti* – this is based on the 1951 Merc in which the street gang The Pharoahs “kidnap” Curt (Richard Dreyfuss).

Autographed by actor who played leader of Pharoahs, actor Bo Hopkins.

The Pharoahs and this car are famous forever for this scene:  leader of the Pharoahs charges Curt with hooking a tow cable to the rear axle of a police car parked in car lot to catch speeders. Curt has some close calls, but eventually gets the cable hooked. As he rushes back to the Pharoahs, they then speed by the officers, with Curt yelling at the top of his lungs, “Stand by for justice!” The cops then take off, but the cable catches, tearing the rear axle off their car. The scene is cinematic history!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 18.5 in
  • Limited:

    Numbered, Signed

  • Artist:

    Todd Howe

  • Category:

    Hot Rods & Dragsters

  • Era:

    Fabulous Fifties

  • SKU: TMH-006


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    • Todd Howe
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