It took Cairoli a year to complete his hand drawn schematic of the Shelby Cobra 427.

It took a year because he had to create the consummate pinnacle of a car that evolved within every few months.

There are several ways to enjoy the Shelby Cobra 427.  How about photos of some of the variations that erupted during the turbulent development period.  There are paintings and prints of this pivotal sports car/ racer.  Maybe somewhere there are engineering diagrams.  But final engineering diagrams are unlikely since it was a chaotic process involving Shelby, Ken Miles, and Ford reacting to the FIA and Enzo Ferrari.

It took almost a year, but automotive artist Tony Cairoli has finished his hand-drawn schematic of the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427.  There is no one version of this car, it was in a constant state of flux.  So it required, in the artist’s own words:

There were many pictures and models, books, etc. It took awhile to piece it all together. I was lucky that a friend who was a Cobra fanatic helped me where he could. Even he says that there are a lot of mysteries and different stories surrounding the Cobra.

Click on Shelby Cobra 427 Schematic to read more and consider purchase.  There is a medium size and awesome size.  When you read the range of sources that Cairoli had to wade through and distill to create his work, you will appreciate how much this is as inspired and intelligent as any work created by a brush.

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