You’re a special effects genius and you want to sell your beloved 1996 Suzuki Vitara.  And you have some downtime.

Would you then create the most unbelievable used car commercial of all time?  Eugene did…

A special effects guru recently posted a YouTube commercial to sell his “best friend,” his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, better known as the Sidekick in the US.

The guy’s name is Eugene Romanovsky and he works for the creative group Gravity in Tel Aviv.  Romanovsky shows his car facing challenges like driving around a hungry T Rex in a Jurassic Park setting, gunning to keep up with the savage bad guys in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max desert, outrunning an avalanche, blasting into outer space, and more!


The car boasts 96 horsepower…


… and a manual transmission featuring a low gear!

Within the first month 2.1 million have watched the video.  Although, sadly, no one has actually made an offer on the car.

Enjoy the video!