Donald Trump, unpredictable leading Republican candidate for US president, is disposing of his 1997 Lamborghini Diablo.

Maybe it isn’t presidential enough for him?


Donald Trump with *man bump* as it was recently conjured up on Twitter @FigDrewton

If Donald Trump were to adjust his famous hairdo into a man bump, he might reconsider selling his Le Mans Blue Lamborghini Diablo VT roadster.  But for now, you can pick it up for $299,000.


Only 200 of the VT roadster were made before the 1999 facelift (the car, not the candidate).  The “VT” stands for the Viscous Traction (viscous-fluid coupling) all-wheel drive system that debuted on the Diablo VT.  Underneath the hood is a lusty V12 ready to unleash 500 horsepower in the hands of an adventurous valet.

It’s only got 14,992 miles on the odometer, and the interior shows little wear.

The asking price is thought to be $100,000 higher than a 20 year  old Diablo is commanding these days.  But apparently there is a Trump “bump” due to his celebrity butt having graced the driver’s seat.

Given the Donald’s devotion to keeping jobs in America, he might have appreciated that the Diablo was developed during a period when Chrysler owned Lamborghini.  Lamborghini was also closely allied with US-based supercar manufacturer Vector Motors. The Diablo was about as American as an Italian supercar could be.

On the other hand, where would the secret service guys go?