The guy currently dominating the GOP race for POTUS owns some stylish transport. Luxury cars, designer jet and helicopter and more.

If he makes it to the White House, one can only imagine the changes to Air Force 1…

Donald Trump is a longtime Rolls-Royce man, as one would expect. But he also owns an electric blue 1997 Lamborghini Diablo and a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren from the mid ’00s.



A Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren as must have won The Donald’s heart.

To fly among his several mansions, estates and country clubs, he boards his $100 million Boeing 757. A 757 is bigger than a 737, which is what you associate with all Southwest Airline flights.


The Donald’s Boeing 757 from tarmac


The Donald’s Boeing 757 from master bedroom 

This year, Trump gave his Sikorsky S-76 chopper a complete makeover. He spent a reported $750,000 on the redesign, which needless to say, includes plenty of 24-karat gold plating.


The Donald’s Sikorsky – watch your hair!

Perfect for getting out on a country highway around a mansion, The Donald has the Orange County Chopper he had made out of 24-karat gold and “elite” custom parts.


His interior design taste is nothing short of baroque. Remember the first season of  *The Apprentice* when he took the winner on a tour of his “apartment” atop the 67 story Trump Tower?  Everyone watching was amazed at the level of gold and crystal ostentation.  Showing he had a good sense of humor, Trump later said in a self-deprecatory joke, Saddam Hussein would have felt at home.

Interestingly, The Donald’s design inspirations are not abetted by alcohol, which he does not drink.

Legendary Car Guy, who does have an occasional drink, is looking forward to establishing his own design sense as soon as one of these damn mega-lottery tickets pays off.  Or any 2 of his 3 ex-wives lets him off the hook.