For more than a decade, Alberto J has created photos of diecast cars that are more than as amazing as pix of real cars by the actual marques.

We’re happy to bring it to your attention…

Image above is 1:18 diecast GTbyCITROËN by modeler Norev photographed by Alberto J

In 2002, his girlfriend gave him a diecast model for his birthday.  How fortunate for the hobby!

Ever since, Alberto J Rodriguez from Spain has created dazzling photographs of scale models.  Visit his site at to see a gallery of his personal collection.  But he tells us that is “just part of what I’m photographing lately.”  All his recent photos are available on Alberto J Flickr Page.


Aston Martin One-77


BMW Gina


Ariel Atom V8

Alberto takes photos every week and updates often.

“There is a hard work behind these images, to get the results I like. I make a lot of lighting tests, sometimes it gets better than others. Some images need up to 12 hours of work, usually removing all the dust. The most time-consuming image probably was the front view of the GT by CITROËN with the doors opened. The effect used also made a lot of particles to stand out, but after removing them the result was fantastic. My intention is always to make the models as most realistic as possible, looking for the best angle and playing with the light. As soon as I have a new photo ready I publish it on the net.”

Alberto collaborated with the GT Spirit scale model manufacturer for its first two years beginning in 2012.  He created the brand identity and proposed several models that the maker went on to reproduce.

Be sure to visit his website and Flickr Page.  Your comments please on our Facebook Page.